June 29, 2017

Problem & Need – Creams

The Problem with Wound Healing

There is still a need to develop a wound healing delivery that can increase the efficacy while minimizing any side effects. Current treatments include; negative pressure wound devices, advanced wound dressing products, biosynthetics, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, tissue engineering, skin substitutes, growth factors and biologic substances. Some of these treatments are expensive and lack efficacy. Over the counter treatments are not proven or approved strategies to treat or accelerate wound healing.

The Problem Diabetic Foot Ulcer Creams

It is estimated by 2015 there will be some 592 million diabetics worldwide and 25% will suffer from a non-healing diabetic foot ulcers. The current approved treatments are skin grafts and a cream that contains a recombinant growth factor. This cream has been given a Black Box, and may even increase incidences of malignant tumors.