January 15, 2015

Key Data

MangoGen has data to clearly demonstrate that baculoviruses can deliver human genes to cells in culture, and when coated onto a device placed in vivo. For example, placing a baculoviral coated stent in a canine damaged femoral artery model the results clearly demonstrates the following:

  1. Baculoviruses can be encapsulated and coated onto a cardiac stent
  2. After deployment in situ, the baculoviruses are released and enter local cells around the stent
  3. The human gene, Vegf, was transcribed and the expressed growth factor was released
  4. The rate of wound healing around the stent was accelerated
  5. A reduced incidence of in-stent re-stenosis was observed
  6. An improved blood flow and reduced neointimal was observed in vessels that had Vegf gene
from Paul et al 2013

These findings demonstrate the potential of this newly developed baculovirus-based biotherapeutic stent to ameliorate damaged vascular biology and diminish re-narrowing (ISR) of a blood vessel stent by inhibiting neointima formation.