January 12, 2015


MangoGen is a biotech company with a mission to develop and market novel approaches to accelerate wound healing. Our lead product is a gene-delivering cardiac stent, and a topical cream to accelerate wound healing.

MangoGen was co-founded in 2014 by Professor Satya Prakash, Dr Paul Plested, Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim and Dr Arghya Paul.

The opportunity to develop a new bio-therapeutic gene-delivering cardiac stent is clearly apparent. The major stakeholders in the vascular stent market are looking for the following:

⊕ An effective stent that exhibits no in-stent re-stenosis (ISR) or thrombosis formation over time [Patients]

⊕ Provide cost effective, safe and long-term healthcare [Governments]

⊕ Confidence and efficacy of the product [Clinical Practitioners]

The future of the stent market is being driven towards inexpensive devices that have long-term efficacy, a lower requirement for prescribed anti-coagulants and a reduced need for future invasive cardiac surgery.

MangoGen’s patented technology utilizes a novel approach of using baculovirus encapsulated in a biodegradable coating that is applied to a cardiac stent before being placed in situ.