August 9, 2018


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about us.

MangoGen  is located in Laval, near Montreal, Quebec Canada. A spin-out of McGill University, MangoGen is developing novel and potentially game-changing gene-delivery products to promote and accelerate wound healing. MangoGen’s primary focus is to develop: i) a gene-delivering film-dressing to promote and accelerate healing of diabetic foot ulcers; ii) a gene-delivering suture that will accelerate wound healing and potentially prevent scar tissue formation, and iii) a gene-delivering cardiac stent that re-endothelializes the wound blood vessel.


Our focus.

To develop effective gene-delivery products to accelerate wound healing
Film-Dressings to treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers

One of the major needs in clinical medicine. The current paradigm is to keep the ulcer clean, prevent infections and amputations.
The few treatments available have sever side effects, limited and very expensive.

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Wound Healing and Scar Preventing Sutures

MangoGen is developing a gene-delivering suture - one that will promote and accelerate wound healing. Furthermore, MangoGen's has designs to develop a gene-delivering suture that will prevent scar tissue formation.

Coronary Stents that Induce Re-Endothelialization

Initially developed in Professor Satya Prakash's lab at McGill University, MangoGen are developing a gene-delivering coronary stent. The current paradigm are the drug-eluting stents. These stents IGNORE the underlying problem of a damaged endothelium. MangoGen's stent is designed to deliver a gene that promotes the re-endothelialization of the blood vessel.

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Our team.

C.Paul Plested D.Phil.

CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Plested obtained his PhD in neuroscience from University of Oxford. After several post-doctorates, Paul turned to consulting and business development, where he established his own successful communication business venture, Noviatrica, where he acted as a consultant to GSK, Mirati, HIT Global, Tactus Scientific and McGill University. Working full-time as CEO of MangoGen, he has successfully developed the company from its original conception to where it is today. Dr. Plested has a broad medical knowledge that includes cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, human parturition, oncology, vaccinology, and parasitology. Dr. Plested has had 16 scientific publications and a patent application

Dr.Alain Labbe

Dr. Labbé graduated in Immunology from the University of Toronto. His thesis work was performed in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher J. Paige at the Ontario Cancer Institute where he worked on a model of leukemia. He joined the laboratory of Dr. Don van Meyel as a post-doctoral researcher in the department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University. He developed his expertise in the fields of genetics and imaging, working on developmental neurobiology. In 2008, Dr. Labbé joined Micropharma Ltd (Montréal) and was instrumental on the design of wound healing medical devices and on probiotic development to treat metabolic diseases. His scientific and personal experiences in biology and engineering are today providing a unique skill set moving MangoGen’s technology forward. He joined MangoGen Pharma as Director of Research and Development in 2015 and he is now CSO.

Dr. Satya Prakash

President & Co-Founder
Dr. Prakash is a professor of biomedical engineering at McGill University, QC, Canada. Dr. Prakash leads a research team dedicated to the advancement and development of bioengineered delivery systems, including targeted controlled-release, targeted drug systems and cell delivery mechanisms. The goal is to design biotherapeutics that are capable of targeting specific cell types, organs or tissues to treat specific medical conditions. Dr. Prakash has had over 150 scientific publications, and 60 approved/pending patent applications. In 2003, Dr. Prakash co-founded Micropharma, a microbiome company based in Montreal, Canada. As Director of Micropharma, Prakash has taken scientific discovery through and into the commercial world. Dr. Prakash, is a co-inventor of MangoGen’s patented technology.


MangoGen's Technology

MangoGen owns a patented technology that describes the modification of a baculovirus that is encapsulated and then coated on to or into a medical device.

Baculoviruses are modified by an insert of a human gene(s).


Baculoviruses are encapsulated to protect them from serum inactiviation



The encapsulated baculoviruses are coated onto a matrix such as a film-dressing, a suture or a coronary stent.


CEO statement

C. Paul Plested.

On behalf of the MangoGen team welcome to the Company website. The site is designed to explain what MangoGen is about – our desire to develop new, safe and effective wound healing products. MangoGen was incorporated in Canada in the Summer of 2014, and has achieved a number of key milestones, including:

1) Sole ownership of key patent;
2) Initial investment;
3) Obtaining an IRAP grant from the federal government of Canada;
4) Patent granted in USA and Australia
5) Patent pending in Canada, China, Europe and India;
5) Development of stable viral coated products that are dried and stable at room temperature.

The MangoGen Team is focused on developing a prototype gene-delivering coronary stent, a gene-delivering film-dressing to treat diabetic foot ulcers, and a gene-delivering suture to promote wound healing and prevent scar tissue formation.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more, please ask.

Best Regards,

C. Paul Plested D.Phil. (Oxford)

Co-Founder and CEO
November 2018


Why MangoGen?

MangoGen's Technology

MangoGen’s technology is a novel game hanging gene-delivery


MangoGen’s pipeline includes gene-delivering stents, wound healing films, sutures and potentially many others.

Business Strategy

MangoGen’s business model is to develop wound healing products to first-in man, and then co-develop to market with a partner.


MangoGen’s team has a depth of research that includes research & development, and business experience.


MangoGen’s coronary stent and wound healing film-dressing has a clear roadmap to clinical trials.


If you are interested in investment opportunities, please contact Paul Plested, CEO