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MangoGen is developing gene-delivering cardiac stents and wound healing creams
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Platform Technology

Modified baculoviruses housing human genes are protected from serum inactivation by encapsulation and coated onto a medical devices such as a cardiac stent or formulated into a cream. NOTE Gene expression is TRANSIENT, and baculoviruses are very safe.

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Gene-Delivering cardiac stents

Current paradigm is that drug-eluting stents ONLY react to the consequences of endothelial cell damage – NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. MangoGen’s technology is designed to rapidly induce the re-growth of a fully functional endothelium, preventing in-stent re-stenosis and possibly scar tissue formation.

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Gene-delivering creams/gels

There is a need for new effective and safe topical creams to accelerate wound healing (e.g. surgical wounds and ulcers). MangoGen’s gene-delivery approach is TARGETED to the cells in and around the wound, inducing rapid

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Gene-delivering sutures

MangoGen’s patented technology applied onto a suture will target and deliver genes in and around the wound that will prevent scar tissue formation.

About MangoGen

MangoGen is a biotech company with a mission to develop and market novel approaches to accelerate wound healing. Our lead product is a gene-delivering cardiac stent, and a topical cream to accelerate wound healing. MangoGen was co-founded in 2014 by Professor Satya Prakash, Dr Paul Plested, Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim and Dr Arghya Paul.
Platform Technology

Three Components of MangoGen's Patented Platform Technology include: (1) Insertion of human gene(s) in to a baculovirus; (2) Baculoviral protection from serum inactivation by encapsulation; and (3) Coating onto a suitable matrix, or formulated into a cream/gel. MangoGen is developing gene-delivery products in the following -

  • Current Paradigm (Drug-Eluting Stents) - Only react to consequences of wound damage. Global market value US$11 billion

  • Few approved treatments; Urgent clinical & economic needs. Global market size US$17 billion (2017)

  • Urgent need for better treatments. Increasing problem - number of diabetics is dramatically increasing. Global market size US$5 billion

  • Preventing scar tissue formation - after surgery, plastic surgery or accident - improve outcomes. Global market US$ 9.4 billion (2017)

MangoGen TEAM

Key Management

c. paul plested

CEO & Co-Founder
As CEO of MangoGen, Dr. Plested D.Phil (Oxford) has successfully co-developed the company from its original conception to where it is today.

dr. satya prakash

President & Co-Founder
Dr. Prakash is a professor of biomedical engineering at McGill University, QC, Canada. He is a co-inventor of MangoGen’s patented technology.

Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim

Cheif Medical Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Shum-Tim is a professor at the department of surgery at McGill University. He is a co-inventor of MangoGen’s patented technology.

Dr Alain Labbé

Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Labbé was educated at McGill and University of Toronto. He provides a unique skill set developing MangoGen’s technologies.